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The cloud mining service provider, Hashing24 figures among some of the top cryptocurrency cloud mining solutions providers. The company seems to have a partnership with one of the leading mining hardware and blockchain solutions company, BitFury. Hashing24’s website mentions BitFury to be one of its initial suppliers of mining power, and the company is said to have partnered with other mining companies as well to provide the required hashing power to its customers.

The Hashing24 team has been involved in cryptocurrency mining activities since 2012, making them one of the experienced hands in the business. It is not clear whether the company has considered having its own mining farms and data centers as most of the mining power is said to be supplied by its partners with large-scale industrial data centers with the newest available technologies.

Hashing24 currently allows only Bitcoin mining and the company has official representation in three countries — Scotland, Thailand, and Ukraine.

Company Background

The team behind Hashing24 has been involved in cryptocurrency mining since 2012. However, going by the information available on the website, the company promoting Hashing24 is registered as Newstar LP, the UK, whose registration dates to 28, September 2015.

The incorporation certificate of the company lists another firm, Corporate Management LTD as the general partner.  Since its incorporation, the company has been offering cloud mining services by sourcing the required mining power from BitFury and other players which could also include MinerGate.

Most of the mining power provided by Hashing24 comes from BitFury’s data centers in Iceland and Georgia. The company features on the homepage of BitFury’s website, confirming the legitimacy of its claims. Customers on the platform have access to data centers with hashing power as high as 200 Ph/s.

The company is also open to new partnerships as it looks forward to increasing the mining power offered to its customers. In order to become a partner, the company/individual should have working mining capacities of at least 10 Phash, either through long-term contracts with reputable data centers or have their own infrastructure.

Company Address



#272 Bath Street,

Glasgow, G2 4JR,

Scotland, United Kingdom


Value for Money


Hashing24 mainly deals with Bitcoin cloud mining service. It is one of the affordable and flexible mining contracts providers that allows customers to decide on the amount of mining power they would like to operate. The total hashing power of each contract depends on the number of mining hosts one subscribes to. Each host provides users with access to 100 GH/s at the cost of $19.95, and there is no limit to the number of hosts a user can order. Apart from the one-time purchase of the hashing power, users are charged a small maintenance fee of $0.00033 per GH/s per day.

The whole registration process takes no more than a couple of minutes. After registering themselves on Hashing24 platform, users can purchase the required amount of hashing power and pay for it with Visa, MasterCard or Maestro cards. Users can also pay for the contracts in Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the maintenance fee is deducted directly from the cryptocurrency mined using the contract.

Once the transaction is complete, the order request will be passed on to BitFury’s mining data centers in the United Kingdom. The BitFury mining facilities on which the Hashing24 contracts are hosted promises a 100% uptime, which is vital for cloud mining operations.

Overall, Hashing24 is great and worth every penny spent on the platform.

Customer Support

Hashing24 leverages on the mining infrastructure of reliable third parties like BitFury. Its reliability, combined with the team’s extensive experience in cryptocurrency mining ensures quality service to users. In spite of all these, Hashing24 has a good customer support team in place to assist users with their queries or any issues they might face on the platform.

Most of the general queries are already covered in the FAQ section. Other complaints/questions/issues can be reported to the platform’s customer support team by submitting a ticket in the support section of the website. The user can also make use of the chat option available at the bottom of the web page to interact with the support team.

Payouts and Payments

Hashing24 offers standard payment options to customers when it comes to purchasing the hashing power on its platform. Users can pay for the mining contracts with Bitcoin, credit and debit cards powered by Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. Other options include OKPay and bank wire transfers.

Users of mining contracts on Hashing24 get their payouts credited to their relevant accounts on a daily basis. In every 24-hour interval, the Bitcoin balance from the previous day’s mining activity will be automatically credited to the user’s account. The user can choose to withdraw the balance to their wallet of choice by making use of the “Withdraw” tab.

The Bitcoin payouts offered by Hashing24 are always freshly mined, with no transaction history associated with it.



The platform has all the right security certificates, and it offers standard security features, available across almost all the leading cryptocurrency platforms. All Hashing24 accounts have two-factor authentication activated by default and the only way to deactivate it is by raising a request with the customer support.

Also in terms of operations, Hashing24 guarantees 24 hours uptime and allows people to track the “System Status” to know if everything is working as required or not.


Hashing24 is considered as one of the reliable Bitcoin cloud mining platforms out there at the moment. Even though the platform doesn’t operate any data centers of its own, it makes use of the infrastructure provided by some of the top names in the cryptocurrency industry. The fact that Hashing24 has partnered with BitFury and has its name mentioned on BitFury’s website further adds to its credibility.

The simple to use, easy to understand mining contracts with virtually no defined higher hash rate limits makes it more transparent and customizable than others. In other words, Hashing24 is one of those platforms that has built trust among the community for some time. It is worth trying out.







Company Background - 9
Value For Money - 8
Customer Support - 7
Payout Processing - 9
Security - 8

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