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HashFlare, one of the largest cloud mining platforms has announced new, lower prices for Scrypt contracts starting from February 13th as the latest trends in crypto market allowed them to reduce the price 40%. From now on, Scrypt contracts will cost $4.20 per 1 MH/s.
Customers can also purchase all cloud mining contracts available with 5% discount, by using promo code HF18WQOD22J5 before March 6th. The special code can only be used once per account for any purchase starting from $22, and there are only 900 uses available total.

Hashflare is currently offering Scrypt cloud mining contracts for $4.20 per 1 MH/s and Bitcoin contracts for $1.80 per 10GH/s, as well as the Ethereum contracts for $2.20 per 100 KH/s, and ZCASH cloud mining for $2 per 1 H/s with no maintenance fee. DASH contracts are currently unavailable.

About Hashflare

HashFlare is founded by the HashCoins team of cryptomining experts in early 2015 and it has been operating very successful ever since.

With Hashflare, customers have available features which allow, not only to monitor the subscribed hash rate live, but also choose the most profitable mining pool to put their hashing power to work. This proves that HashFlare is running a real cloud mining operation and is renting real mining hardware to users.

Hashflare keeps updating its customers about their operation throughout social networks and their blog. In the latest blog post, Hashflare is talking about the current situation in cloud mining industry, explaining their recent moves and what the customers should consider before they invest in cloud mining. You can check it out here, in their official news blog.

More information about Hashflare and the current prices is available on our HashFlare review page.

To sign up for a free account, get a discount and learn more about one-year SHA-256 and Scrypt contracts, as well as Ethereum, and Zcash cloud mining contracts please go to

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