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Genesis Mining, one of the world’s leading and most transparent hosted hashpower provider for Bitcoin and Altcoins has announced a new pre-sale of Bitcoin mining plans but it was sold-out in a record period of time, after only five days. And this is their official announcement:

“We’re officially out of stock on BTC plans! Thank you all for your participation. If you’re waiting for a confirmation e-mail, you will receive it shortly. Due to the Bitcoin network congestion, there are specific cases that need manual approval! Thank you for your patience.”

The mining for the new contracts should start on 28th of February 2018.

The new contracts came with slightly increased prices due to high demand and higher costs of hardware components. But yet, contracts remained open-ended with a maintenance fee of $0.00028 per GH per day.

Golden plan now costs $179 per 1000 GH/s, Platinum plan $845 per 5000 GH/s and Diamond plan $3975 per 25000 GH/s.

Two-year contracts with no maintenance fee for Ethereum, Monero, and ZCASH are still in stock.

Genesis Mining has also announced that they are still evaluating the possibility of adding Bcash (BCH) to the mining portfolio and all customers will be informed about it very soon.

In case you missed it out, Genesis Mining has launched a new video series #EvolveWithUs. These series feature all the steps and ways Genesis Mining is working to stay at the leading edge of mining technology and the experts on their team explaining how they are making all this possible.

To find out more about Genesis Mining read the review on our review page!

To start mining with Genesis Mining and learn more about new Bitcoin plans and prices check out their official website.

Stay tuned and be informed about the all-important changes happening with cloud mining platforms.

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