Genesis Mining is the world’s largest scrypt cloud mining provider that also offers lifetime Bitcoin cloud mining contracts. They are the leaders in the scrypt cloud mining business and are well known for the unique features they offer with their cloud mining services. Their advanced multipool algorithms is capable of automatically determine the most profitable coins and start mining them.

Company Background:

Genesis Mining was founded in February 2014 when there was a need for a legitimate cloud mining service that can put an end to all the fraudulent companies that were poisoning the industry. Currently, Genesis Mining is providing cloud mining service in three farms located in America, Europe and Asia. For security reasons they haven’t disclosed the actual locations of their farms although their Wikipedia entry states their location to be in Iceland, Canada and Bosnia.

Value for Money:

Genesis Mining Contracts are prices significantly higher than the competition but the contracts being “Lifetime Contracts” makes it somewhat reasonable in the long run. If the conditions are right and the network difficulty levels and the value of Bitcoin rises, the mining contracts will continue to pay out. The current situation however states that their contracts will be good only for the next 1-4 years considering the current Bitcoin Value and mining difficulty. Genesis Mining do charge a small amount of maintenance fees ($0.015/10GHS/day i.e. $0.045/GHS/month) that is reasonable and very competitive.

Customer Support:

As expected from a tier 1 cloud mining company, Genesis Mining have a professional website with an extensively detailed FAQs section. Their FAQs section answers the most of the common questions about their services as well as technical details about their features that makes them unique like mining different coins, payout and their user interface etc. Users can easily set up their mining addresses in their account dashboards for all their coins. They have email support as well as telephone support for their services. They have a LinkedIn profile and their company address as well as sales office address listed on their website.

Payout Processing:

Genesis Mining do have a daily payment schedule which is far more appreciative than the weekly schedule many of the others follow in the industry. Genesis Mining offers new customers 2.5% off their contracts if they sign up with another customer’s referral code. Also there is a 2.5% bonus for purchasing mining contract for a year. They do accept credit card as well as bank wire in USD / EUR for payments that is definitely convenient and of course they also accept crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin as well as Darkcoin as forms of payment.


Genesis Mining do support Two-Factor authentication making the user security much secure. Their service is pretty reliable. They haven’t had any major outages or setbacks and that’s what has made them the leaders in the cloud mining industry. Genesis Mining offers a 100% uptime guarantee for their services with their proprietary algorithms. In case of an outage, the miners will be automatically allocated to relevant pools to fully compensate for any loss that may occur and hence you wouldn’t lose even a second of the mining time.


To sum it all up, Genesis Mining surely the best cloud mining company in the business and definitely the one to choose for any long term investments. They are trustworthy, have low maintenance fees and offer lifetime mining contracts that may be at a premium price but still very reasonable in the long run. We definitely recommend Genesis Mining for newcomers to the cloud mining game and as well as to the experienced ones since their user interface and dashboard is full of unique features that makes them the #1 choice for the geeks.




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