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It’s been a while since we were writing about HashFlare. Now it’s time to turn back a little bit and resume the past year.

In 2017, the number of users has doubled, the number of programmers and technical support has increased significantly, the new data center in Iceland has been opened, and they are planning to add new mining contracts this year.

They experienced huge changes as the past year was turbulent in crypto world, facing the problems related to processing services. But that is all a part of every significant change and they are promising that this year, their services will be upgraded and way faster.

Plans for this year

To become more flexible and stable, HashFlare is moving its entire structure to AWS, which will help to prevent DDoS attacks and high load periods.

Head of Product Development at HashCoins, Vitali Pavlov says:

„HashFlare was written using a monolithic architecture, and up until 2017, this system was good enough for coping with the load. However, given today’s increasing popularity and sky-rocketing prices of cryptocurrencies, the demand for them has surged, and the number of our customers has been growing exponentially too…Although we regularly optimise our code and review our approaches to various methods and their productivity, it can only give us so much room for working on version 2.0“.

HashFlare 2.0 is a newer version based on Java programming language instead of current PHP version. Their vision is to focus on creating an API service allowing developers to create different kinds of products based on HashFlare.

The price for SHA-256 contract is now $2.20 per 10GH/s with the maintenance fee $0.0035, the minimum withdrawal is changed from 0.2 BTC to 0.05 BTC.

The stock for SHA-256 is limited and DASH contracts are out of stock at the moment.

If you want to find out more about Hashflare read the review on our review page, or check out their official website.

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