News Update – Hashflare offers 30% discount to 10.000 lucky customers

HashFlare, one of the largest cloud mining platforms is celebrating its third birthday and it has prepared special discounts for their customers. The first 10.000 lucky customers who purchase hashrate...

News Update – Cheaper Hashflare Cloud Mining Contracts

HashFlare, one of the largest cloud mining platforms has announced new, lower prices for Scrypt contracts starting from February 13th as the latest trends in crypto market allowed them to reduce the p...

News Update – Genesis Mining Ethereum Contracts Relaunched

Genesis Mining Ethereum contracts relaunched Genesis Mining is pleased to announce presale for Ethereum mining contracts which can be purchased starting from $1520 per 40 MH/s, with no maintenance fee...

News Update – Hashflare is looking forward to another prosperous year!

It’s been a while since we were writing about HashFlare. Now it’s time to turn back a little bit and resume the past year. In 2017, the number of users has doubled, the number of programmers and techn...

News Update – Genesis Mining, another successful year behind

In the latest blog post, Genesis Mining looked back on the year 2017 and the achievements they have made. The year behind us was very successful according to the report, and they ended up servicing ab...

News Update – NiceHash Returns and Plans to Repay all Stolen BTC

After a short break caused by the cyber attack, HiceHash is back again! News of the attack came out on December 6 and NiceHash revealed that around 4700 BTC have been stolen. However, they had a big c...

News Update – Genesis Mining Bitcoin Contracts Sold Out

Genesis Mining, one of the world’s leading and most transparent hosted hashpower provider for Bitcoin and Altcoins has announced a new pre-sale of Bitcoin mining plans but it was sold-out in a r...

News Update – Discounts and cheaper prices with Hashflare

HashFlare, one of the largest cloud mining platforms has announced that miners can use the new Scrypt multipool starting from October 19th, with an algorithm which will automatically allocate the hash...

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