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HashFlare, one of the largest cloud mining platforms has announced that miners can use the new Scrypt multipool starting from October 19th, with an algorithm which will automatically allocate the hashing power to mine different currencies focusing on the most profitable at the moment. Changing of contracts this August allowed HashFlare to reduce the price, as well as the price for maintenance fee which is cut in half, so the new price is $7.5 with maintenance fee $0.005 per MH/s.
HashFlare has recently optimized its operations and procedures leading to reduced prices for the SHA-256 and DASH cloud mining contracts too. Price for Ethereum contracts remained the same which is currently the cheapest Ethereum contract, lower than any other Ethereum mining provider, with 10 MH/s mining power available for as little as $1.20. After a long break, ZCASH contracts are back online at $2.00 per 1 H/s with payouts in ZEC.

On top of the already low prices, HashFlare customers can receive a 5% off on any purchase of $50 or more by using discount code HF17BZZMDPR45 before December 2017 and that is not all! If customers make a purchase of any mining contract by using the promo code HF17HLWN10ALL until the 3rd of November they will get a 10% discount.

And HashFlare is promising that there will be more updates in the future.

The cloud mining contracts on the platform are available to everyone across the world, offering an opportunity for customers to be part of one of the vital operations in the network.

More information is available on our HashFlare review page.

To sign up for a free account, get a discount and learn more about one-year SHA-256 and Scrypt contracts, as well as Ethereum, Zcash, and Dash cloud mining contracts with NO maintenance fees, which represents the best value on the market, please go to Hashflare’s official website.

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