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Genesis Mining Ethereum contracts relaunched

Genesis Mining is pleased to announce presale for Ethereum mining contracts which can be purchased starting from $1520 per 40 MH/s, with no maintenance fee. A medium package can be bought for $4440 per 120MH/s, as well as the large package, costing $12960 per 360 MH/s. Custom plans are also available for maximum investment $18000 per 500 MH/s. For all those two-year contracts mining starts on 30th of April 2018.

Contracts for Bitcoin, ZCASH, DASH, Litecoin, and Monero are out of stock at the moment.

Genesis Mining has revealed that they will continually add new GPU mineable cryptocurrencies and, according to their social media profiles, by the end of the week customers may expect a poll so that they can vote for cryptocurrencies they would like to mine with this cloud mining provider.

Genesis Mining, founded in 2013, is one of the largest cloud mining companies with the majority of their operations based in Iceland, Hong Kong, Canada, and Bosnia. Genesis Mining is offering cloud mining by giving its customers hash power from an incredibly efficient mine that uses Iceland’s geothermal energy to provide peak efficiency at minimal cost. The current members are early investors brought together by common faith in cryptocurrencies, active in the Bitcoin community and very often seen at events across the world.

For more information about Genesis Mining read our Genesis Mining review or sign up for a free account and start mining at:

To take a peek at their facility on Iceland and find out how they are working to remain on the top providing the best service, check out in their series #EvolveWithUs.

If you would like to suggest the cryptocurrency you would like to mine with Genesis Mining, leave a reply or vote on their Twitter account.

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