News Update – NiceHash Returns and Plans to Repay all Stolen BTC

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After a short break caused by the cyber attack, HiceHash is back again!

News of the attack came out on December 6 and NiceHash revealed that around 4700 BTC have been stolen.

However, they had a big comeback on December 20, after two weeks of upgrading and fixing the website security. They’ve redesigned the payment system which is now handled with dual channel approach with manual creation and confirmation of every transaction that leaves the system.

They came out with an announcement:

“We are letting you know that our service will be resumed today and your money will be paid back!…We are happy to announce we have been able to reserve the funds required to restore balances from a group of international investors. Old balances will, therefore, be restored by January 31, 2018. We need this interim period to ensure all legal paperwork is processed correctly, so please be patient while we do this…We have considered a number of ways to help our community to cover the stolen funds and we feel that this is the most appropriate way to ensure that everyone is back in business as soon as possible.”

Today, they have successfully completed the first payout after the breach, but payments for external wallets with balances greater than 0.01 BTC are currently on hold due to extremely high Bitcoin transaction fees.

Miners are called to change their passwords, set a new 2FA, not to use old deposit address, to generate a new NiceHash wallet address and if was used NiceHash wallet address in NiceHash miner, it has to be updated.

All interested parties can submit their questions to and customers are called to remain patient as they are facing the increased volume of requests.

For more information about NiceHash read the review on our NiceHash review page.

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