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Last week NiceHash, a popular crypto-mining marketplace, switched to the new modern looking website and we are happy to inform you about that.

New site has a stylish design and we believe it will be a lot easier to explore it.

Here is their official announcement:

“Dear users,

After several months of development and testing we’re finally moving to the new website as the default NiceHash website. The new website is more than just a redesign as it also offers more information, better help and additional features, not available in the currently default (old) website. Nevertheless we worked hard to cover all the features present in the current (old) website, therefore the migration from the old to the new website should be smooth for you – our loyal users.
Some features in the new website are of course differently placed, therefore you should allow yourself some time to get used to the new website (if you haven’t already tried it out). Keep in mind that several sub-pages and features of the new website are available form the links in the footer of the page – so make sure to check them out.
There are a few important notes to keep in mind:
• The current (old) website will still be available as a fully-functional website for a limited period of time on the address, but will be disabled eventually.
• There are no changes regarding API. However we would like to remind you once again that the old address is deprecated and you should use instead. So make sure to double check this if you are using API. The old address will still be available for a limited period of time, but will be disabled eventually.
• The switch to the new website as the default website is scheduled for Friday, September 8th, during the 15:00 – 18:00 UTC time frame. Please note that if we experience some issues during the migration we might postpone the switch to a later time. In any case we only expect a short downtime (a few minutes) of the website during the migration. Mining will be completely unaffected.
At this point we’re also inviting you to submit any feedback or comments regarding the new website via our Support Ticket system. You feedback is very much appreciated.”

You can check our review of NiceHash here.

NiceHash is starting to look like a very professional service and we highly recommend it.

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