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PB Mining Review Cloud Mining Bitcoin

Price: 0.0015 Bitcoin per GH/s

While PB Mining is relatively new on the Bitcoin cloud mining scene, they offer some of the cheapest GH/s to be found anywhere online; meaning maximum profit potential for you.


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Up and coming Bitcoin mining company PB mining offers some of the cheapest Bitcoin mining rate for cloud mining. This translates into maximum Bitcoin mining profitability for your Bitcoin mining investment. 1 cloud mining GHS for five years can be purchased for 0.0056 BTC, while 100 GH/s for cloud mining Bitcoin can be bought for just 0.56 BTC. All Bitcoin mining contracts are 100% insured meaning customers still get paid if the company’s Bitcoin mining hardware malfunctions and include 24/7 live chat support. Additionally, there are no electricity or Bitcoin mining pool fees. We are happy to report in this PB Mining review that PB Mining has paid its Bitcoin mining customers once a week, with no problems at all since day one.

Important note: Since this review was written competitor Bitcoin Cloud Services has offered both cheaper GH’s prices than PB Mining and also has support telephone numbers in the UK and US, and is a transparent registered UK company. Click here to read our Bitcoin Cloud Services review.

Company Background: Bitcoin Mining company PB Mining is based in SK, Canada, and has successfully sold Bitcoin mining hardware on eBay for two years. Further information about the company for a thorough Bitcoin mining comparison is more difficult to find. Customers are advised to exercise caution on this point. However, Bitcoin mining rates are quite inexpensive, customer support has been excellent, and Bitcoin mining clients have been paid promptly based on their Bitcoin mining investment in the company.

It has come to our attention that specific company information about PB Mining is very hard to find beyond the fact PB Mining (Piggyback Mining) is operated by a company in Canada called Digital Mining. Here is the PB Mining administration response:

You can’t exactly have an eBay account with the # of sales we do without having identity revealed. Paypal even requires identity verification. Our identity WAS revealed to the public at one point, actually, and we ended up retracting our transparency due to some disturbing events which occurred. Our stance on the subject has not changed. We stand strong to protect the identities of our employees and to protect this operation.  As we continue to heighten our security, we will gradually become more transparent again.  Smiley

The decision is yours. We are looking forward to the day PB Mining becomes more transparent and we will update this PB Mining review as soon as we have more information. Although they have been selling mining hardware on eBay for over two years and offer the cheapest bitcoin cloud mining GH/s rates in the industry, for the time being we recommend viewing PB Mining as a high risk opportunity, which suits those who enjoy both greater rewards and have a high tolerance for risk. Please see the bottom of this review for some additional information we have discovered about PB Mining.

For those of you who want to pay a little more to cloud mine with a reputable company we highly recommend checking out Bitcoin, Litecoin and alt coin cloud mining with Skycoinlabs and revolutionary bitcoin cloud mining trading platform CEX.IO.

If you would like to pay a little more to cloud mine with a reputable company we strongly recommend checking out Litecoin, Bitcoin and alt coin cloud mining with Skycoinlabs and revolutionary bitcoin cloud mining trading platform CEX.IO.

Value For Money: In terms of price per cloud mining GHS, PB Mining is the best cloud mining value currently available. This translates into maximum Bitcoin mining profitability for the customer once Bitcoin mining difficulty increases are accounted for, something easily done with a Bitcoin mining calculator. Purchased cloud mining GHS work for the customer for five years. This represents a long term Bitcoin mining investment which will pay out weekly. PB Mining offer a lucrative affiliate program where users can earn 10% of the cloud mining GH/s purchased by their referrals. Customers can purchase as little as 3 GH/s and as much as 2 TH/s in one order which will begin mining immediately.

Customer Support: PB Mining has a reputation of promptly and professionally responding to support requests. The best way for Bitcoin mining clients to get a timely response is to contact support via live chat or the Bitcoin Forum rather than through email.

Payout Processing: This Bitcoin mining program pays out every Sunday to an external address provided by the Bitcoin mining client or customer. No issues with Bitcoin mining payout have been reported to date. PB Mining offers a live dashboard where users can track their total cloud mining GH/s rate, Bitcoin payouts, referral statistics and more live in real-time as it is updated by PB Mining’s server.

Security: PB Mining does not offer 2FA, and it does not permit certain special characters often used to make secure passwords. However, since Bitcoin mining program rewards are automatically sent to an external address, there are no Bitcoin mining client funds stored on the site to be stolen. Also, Bitcoin mining contracts are fully insured against loss due to Bitcoin mining rigs malfunctioning for any reason. Customers are advised to use a unique password for their PB Mining account.

Summary: By providing the cheapest Bitcoin mining rate available at 0.56 BTC for 100 GHS, PB Mining is the best choice for those seeking to maximize Bitcoin mining profitability. The registration and buying process is also very simple making Bitcoin mining for beginners easy. Customers are paid consistently every Sunday. Although little is known about the company itself, PB Mining has a two year track record of selling Bitcoin mining hardware on eBay with no problems. Customer support for Bitcoin mining has always been prompt and professional.

While PB Mining’s cloud mining GH/s are the best value on the market at half the price, meaning mining with PB Mining is twice as profitable as other providers   – we advise you to conduct your own due diligence before deciding whether to purchase 100 GH/s for 0.56 BTC.

Additional Information About PB Mining: In an effort to discover as much as possible about cloud mining bitcoin with PB Mining, we have included some additional information about Piggyback Mining (PB Mining) from their eBay listings to help you make an informed decision:

DOWNTIME INSURANCE!Even if our machines blow up, the insurance will kick in and you will keep making Bitcoins! We are the ONLY company who can offer full protection, no matter what!

5 YEAR CONTRACTS!Our competition likes to sell 1 year contracts. They will try to tell you that a single year is all you need, as your mining income will deteriorate due to an increasing difficulty factor. However, what if the value of a Bitcoin keeps skyrocketing as it did in 2013? This could make your contract highly profitable for many years to come. Don’t ever settle for 1 year contracts! You could be severely limiting your income!

The Contract (you will actually like this):


Digital Mining (“We”) operate the company Piggyback Mining (PB Mining). We are registered in Canada.

Our Ebay name is Pbmining.


We provide a hosting service solution for the operation and maintenance of Bitcoin mining hardware on behalf of our customers. We purchase mining hardware on behalf of our customers. This Bitcoin mining hardware is used to produce Bitcoins which we distribute to our users on a scheduled payout plan. Bitcoin mining hardware consists of specialised computer hardware and associated technology which runs Bitcoin mining software.

When the customer purchases a contract for Bitcoin mining with us, we will allocate produced Bitcoins from the hardware to the customer in accordance with the hash rate dictated by the Mining Contract. This hash rate is a fixed number at the date of purchase and will therefore be protected from any downtime or performance fluctuations of the Bitcoin Mining Hardware.

The Bitcoin mining hardware will produce Bitcoins. The Bitcoins produced by the Bitcoin mining hardware will be centrally collected and allocated proportionally to our contract holders according to their purchased hash power.


We accept most of the risks associated with Bitcoin mining, and very few of those risks are passed down to the customer. In the event that our Bitcoin mining hardware fails to produce Bitcoins, the customer will be compensated for the hash rate they ordered and payouts will continue for the length of this contract. These Bitcoins will be paid from the PB Mining Insurance Wallet that is fully funded for this purpose.


We may revise these Terms from time to time in the follow circumstances:

  1. Changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements;
  2. Occurrence of an event outside of our control; and
  3. Changes in legislation applicable to the service in any jurisdiction in which we provide services or operate within.

If we ever revise these terms, we will keep you informed and give you notice of this by stating that these Terms have been amended.

Click here to visit the PB Mining website.

Click here to visit PB Mining on eBay.

Important note: Since this review was written competitor Bitcoin Cloud Services has offered both cheaper GH’s prices than PB Mining and also has support telephone numbers in the UK and US, and is a transparent registered UK company. Click here to read our Bitcoin Cloud Services review.

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Company Background
3 stars
Value For Money
5 stars
Customer Support
4 stars
Payout Processing
5 stars
4 stars


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