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This site was established when cloud mining was very popular and was an honest attempt to provide information about the different bitcoin cloud mining platforms available. Many services have proven to be untrustworthy over time and we recommend exercising extreme caution before using any cloud mining service that cannot provide proof of their cloud mining activities, such as a mining pool payout address. Those still listed here have proven they have a solid reputation but there are still no guarantees.

Disclosure: We are a professional review site. Our mission is to always give honest reviews of the many cloud mining services out there, and update these reviews regularly when new information comes to light, so you can make an informed choice.

While Bitcoin cloud mining now means that anyone, anywhere in the world can mine Bitcoin easily, without needing to set up, configure and buy expensive Bitcoin mining machines, there are some things you need to (and should) be aware of.

Bitcoin cloud mining profitability depends on many factors such as the current and future Bitcoin exchange rate, future mining difficulty, and the reliability and security of the service used, including the risk of the service being hacked. While Bitcoin is an exciting emerging technology and you can make a lot of money, conversely you can also lose a lot of money due to unforseen events. As with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies more generally, please exercise due caution, and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

The technological fundamentals behind Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are arguable more exciting than the USD value of a Bitcoin at any particular point in time; we started this site because we love Bitcoin and we want to help others find the best cloud mining service to earn some Bitcoins themselves! We do not want people losing their rent / bills / food money due to an unforseen collapse in the BTC / USD exchange rate or a cloud mining service being hacked.

This site is for informational purposes only.

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